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Unlimited encourages a positive self-image by teaching children how to value themselves and each other. It helps them to gain a positive outlook on life and to grow in self-confidence. Our aim for the group, and the reason for choosing the Unlimited name, is that we might see children begin to grow and thrive in their own unique and unlimited potential, unhindered by peer pressure or self-doubts and more resilient to the increasing pressures of the world around them.

Unlimited meets during the school day for the same hour each week for one short term. We look creatively at different issues and measure progress using our Hop-Scotch of Confidence, asking the children how confident they feel at the beginning, part way through, and at the end of the course. Each child will finish the course with
a booklet they have created full of all the great things they have discovered about themselves. This is a helpful keepsake that will remind each child how special and unique they are and will have a few empty pockets that they can keep on adding to as you talk about the themes covered in Unlimited at home. Click here to find some ideas of how you can carry on building your child’s self-esteem at home and for more work sheets to fill your Unlimited booklet.

To book Unlimited for your school, please contact Jenny on or speak to your child’s teachers if you feel they would benefit from attending.

Life & Soul is happy to offer Unlimited free of charge to primary schools because our work is funded purely by donations. If you would like to contribute to our work either through a school fundraising activity, through a one-off donation or regular giving we would love to hear from you. Each course costs us around £150 to run.

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