Unlimited is a six-week course for Year 5 and 6 pupils which aims to encourage a positive self-image, to value others and ourselves, to gain a positive outlook on life and to grow in self-confidence and resilience. Our desire is to see children thrive and grow in their own unique and unlimited potential. To help achieve this, Unlimited aims to equip each child with the tools needed to manage life well, despite what might come their way.

Our Uniqueness – it is good to be unique and celebrate each other’s differences.

Our Strengths – we are all uniquely shaped with different skills and talents to play our part in life.

Worries – healthy strategies for dealing with worries.

Handling Anger  how to stay in control and use anger constructively.

Healthy Friendships – what makes a healthy friendship and how to fix them when they go wrong.

Feelings – looks at a range of emotions and how to deal with them healthily.

My daughter has just completed your six week course and I wanted to thank you so much for what can only be described as a transformational course. She loved it – the topics were on point, she was able to be creative (which she loves) and she came home visibly more confident and happy as a result.

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