Please help us to reach more children and young people.

We aim to provide our services free of charge to schools.

Your donation of
£20 per month could pay for one child’s Unlimited session, raising their self-esteem and helping them to be happy and confident in who they are.
£20 per month could pay for one young person’s Connect Mentoring session, enabling them to find positive ways to overcome the challenges they are facing.


Without our wonderful volunteers we couldn’t change young lives for the better through our mentoring and workshops. We provide full training, mentoring course materials and ongoing support to all our volunteers. Each volunteer gives approximately two hours a week in term time and sees two or three students at any one time. Seeing young lives changed for the better is amazing; in the words of some of our volunteers:

Being a Connect Mentor has totally exceeded my expectations

I have found it such a rewarding and inspiring few months spending this quality time with young people. The training, resource pack and the awesome backing of prayers have ensured that I went into mentoring feeling well-equipped and motivated. I also have additional confidence and assurance knowing that I can get pastoral support from the Life and Soul team if I feel I need further guidance or a chance to off-load. No two weeks are ever the same and one of the greatest feelings is that I am no longer worrying so much about young people as I once did because I know that together as a team, step by step, we are making a huge difference to each of those individual and precious lives.

Being a mentor for Life and Soul is the most fulfilling thing I do.

The young people we meet are so impressive and it’s a privilege to get to know them and support them as they work towards achieving their hopes. It is inspiring to see teenagers discovering resources that were always there inside them, and building resilience for the future.

I love mentoring - it makes me feel useful and like I am making a difference.

The programme we deliver is so simple yet so effective and can really feel life-changing for the young people we take through it. When you see a young person change, from week to week, in front of your eyes and they tell you at the end that they feel more confident and happy with themselves it is a very rewarding feeling. In essence we plant the very valuable seed that they are enough and they always will be – a message we can all benefit from.

All volunteers must complete our application process, including providing two referees and completing a DBS check.

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Thank You

We have some amazing individuals who raise money for us and some generous trusts who support our work with grants. Without these and our fabulous regular donors, we simply couldn’t be changing lives for the better! Please check out our page giving details of some of the people and organisations who have supported us. We are so grateful to everyone, thank you!