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Unlimited runs weekly throughout one short term, as part of the school day, for children, chosen by their teachers, in school years 5 or 6, who would benefit from some extra time thinking about these subjects:

Session 1: Differences and our Uniqueness – aim: To understand it is good to be unique and to celebrate each other’s differences.

Session 2: Strengths and Weaknesses – aim: To understand that we are all important and we each have a unique role to play in life. We each have different strengths so our roles will all be different too!

Session 3: Worries and Fears – aim: To understand that sharing the things we worry about helps us to cope well with them and stops them becoming too heavy for us to carry.

Session 4: Body Image – aim: To understand that what is in the inside is far more important than what is on the outside. The way we are is more important than how we look.

Session 5: Friendships – aim: To understand what makes a good friend and to begin thinking about how we each can be that friend.

Session 6: Anger – aim: To understand that anger is a natural emotion and can be used for either good or bad. To develop helpful strategies for letting out our anger safely and to use it for good.

Session 7: Feelings & Review – aim: To understand the different feelings and emotions we all have and how to respond to them in a healthy way. To review all we have learnt through Unlimited and to consolidate our own individual responses.

For shorter terms, we chose the sessions best suited for the individual children in each group.

To book Unlimited for your school, please contact Jenny on speak to your child’s teachers if you feel they would benefit from attending.

Life & Soul is happy to offer Unlimited free of charge to primary schools because our work is funded purely by donations. If you would like to contribute to our work either through a school fundraising activity, through a one-off donation or regular giving we would love to hear from you. Each course costs us £150 to run.

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